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About the Attract Abundance Affirmation Deck by Jasmin Manke:

A 33-card affirmation deck for women who desire to be guided and lead toward their heart’s biggest wishes. I have created this deck for you filled with inspiring messages, guidance and affirmations.

May it be there for you whenever you need it. In moments of joy, in moments of sadness, desperation or simply in moments when you seek guidance or an uplifting message.

Simply shuffle the card deck, close your eyes if you wish and focus on ONE intention, ONE question or ONE topic you desire guidance on. You may pull a “card for a day” and let a message be revealed to you as well. You may also pull multiple cards. There is no right or wrong. Simply enjoy them and keep them with you.

I am beyond grateful that you have been attracted to this affirmation deck.

Sending you love and light!